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In store now! Greatest Projector Picture Yet!

Greatest Projector Picture Yet!

20 Jul 2016
In store now!

In store now!

We’re extremely excited to have the latest JVC projector and Screen Innovations Zero Edge screen in our media room. Both products represent the best performance and value in big screen home entertainment.

The JVC DLA-X750RB projector accepts native 4K content for the highest picture resolution. Native contrast is outstanding at 120,000:1; pictures have incredible depth, black levels are magnificent while shadow details are easily seen. Brightness is 1800 lumens, far above any projector in its class. This projector is also HDR compatible. High Dynamic Range is a new video format that offers over 1 billion colors instead of the current 15 million, along with truly outstanding contrast. For years, TVs and projectors have steadily increased their light output, but really black levels have been elusive. Now with HDR, a great projector such as this JVC will leave you marveling at the quality of the picture.